Birdseye Sta Prest


Really nice wool rich dark Navy sta prest with a tiny lighter Blue dot running through them. Feel a great weight and are the usual JTG slim fit. Frog mouth pockets and taper to about a 15.5 inch bottom. Dry Clean. The colour is like the main picture. Go up a size if unsure.




  1. reviewed by Jon

    Picked these up on a long overdue trip to the shop recently. What can I say? Great cloth, superb fit, look the business in the flesh! Thanks guys

    Thanks Jon. Always appreciate reviews.
    Jonathan LeRoy (
  2. reviewed by steve temple

    Made a mistake. What I meant to say is: Laid flat and done up the waist band of my size 32s measures 15.5″ meaning the waist is actually 31″.

  3. reviewed by steve temple

    These are the best off-the-peg trousers I’ve had for years. They fit like they’ve been made for me and the quality is very good. The only pair I’ve had as good were a pair of mohair tonics – ‘dead stock’ – I found in a gents outfitters about 35 years ago, and that was a lucky find. These are miles better than Adaptor, Gabicci etc and cheaper too. The only way you could get as good a pair is to have them made for you, which you could only do if you lived in a big city. These fit as well as the trousers from my tailor-made suit. Really prompt service as well. YOU SHOULD DO THESE IN DIFFERENT COLOURS!!

    This might be useful – my pair are size 32″. Laid flat and done up the waist band measures 31.5″. Very pleased and can’t wait to wear them out.

    An Old Codger.

    Well, what can I say, praise indeed. Thanks so much Steve.
    Jonathan LeRoy (
    • reviewed by Jonathan LeRoy

      Well, what can I say, praise indeed. Thanks so much Steve.

  4. reviewed by martin

    my favourite trousers from jump the gun.

    Thanks Martin.
    jumpthegun (
  5. reviewed by Simon

    Bought a pair of these a while ago and kept meaning to send a review as they are so good..Fantastic cloth and look.The colour is the same as the regular navy blue sta prest.They go great with JTG knitwear or a check shirt and loake desert boots.Could do with a few more colours in this cloth.Maybe a grey or mid blue.You cant go wrong with JTG trousers they are miles better than the shapeless stuff you see available everywhere else,

    Glad you decided to post the review Simon, it's always appreciated. Thanks, Jonathan.
    jumpthegun (
    • reviewed by jumpthegun

      Glad you decided to post the review Simon, it’s always appreciated. Thanks, Jonathan.

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