JTG Submariner Jumper Ecru


Submariner 100% British wool jumper made in the UK. Styled exactly like the original cross Atlantic jumpers worn in the Navy from WW2 onwards.  Adopted by Rockers and Mods in the 60’s and sported by Denis Waterman in  up the Junction. Super warm.




  1. reviewed by Stephen

    This subby is perfect! Its Winter here in the southern hemisphere and this is keeping me lovely and toasty. Thanks JTG for stocking these, I’ll be getting a Navy one next.

    Thanks Stephen, as ever.
    Jonathan LeRoy (jonathan@1114377245.test.prositehosting.co.uk)
  2. reviewed by Patrick Howard

    Thanks to Jonathan for his advice on sizing. A perfect fit! Not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and the quality of this jumper is superb. Looks great under a jacket. I love it!

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