M51 Fishtail Parka


M51 Fishtail Parka. This is an excellent reproduction of the now hard to find originals. It is hard to tell the difference between the two. The main difference is that this reproduction has a storm cuff which is a great addition and one you cannot even see from the outside. Also has button out quilted lining. We don’t manufacture this ourselves but import it from the US. However this is actually made in the far East. It’s not as heavy weight as the originals but we think the best looking repro available. Please enquire about ladies sizes which would also be suitable for bigger children. Please note that like the originals these Parkas are very big indeed if you think you are a medium you will probably be a small in these!




  1. reviewed by Raymond Lewitt

    A great replica for the money,looks authentic,nice colour & feels good on, theres even a couple of improvements compared to the US army original,one being the storm cuffs
    the fabric is a little thinner & lighter compared to an original but overall,a marvelous parka for the money
    i tried on an XL which fit me perfectly, im usually an XL in most clothes,so i didnt need to go a size down or up

    Thanks so much for reviewing Raymond, always appreciated.
    Jonathan LeRoy (jonathan@1114377245.test.prositehosting.co.uk)
    • reviewed by Jonathan LeRoy

      Thanks so much for reviewing Raymond, always appreciated.

  2. reviewed by Emmanuel

    Very, very good looking copy of the M51, totally worth the price as the quality and the details are very good (cf the removable lining). I must confess that i’ve spent some time in front of my mirror wearing it, giggling at how cool this parka makes me look ! Too bad it’s 30° C in France these days, i have to wait until autumn so that I can wear it often ! Thanks for the offered tailor tape with one side metric and one side Inches, this is a very handy gift ! Please UK, don’t Brexit too hard, so that the prices of JPG and other great british clothing brands remain as affordable as they are today !

  3. reviewed by Nigel

    This parka looks awesome, but how does it hold up in the nasty weather? Is it a 100% cotton shell or a cotton/poly mix? I believe it’s not really water/wind-proof, right? Please share your experiences with it.

    Hi Nigel, thanks for your comments. It is very much like the original, in that it is best described as shower proof; ie. it is not made from a modern waterproof material. That said, we have sold a great number of these, and no one as made any adverse comments on it's weather resistance.
    jumpthegun (info@1114377245.test.prositehosting.co.uk)
    • reviewed by jumpthegun

      Hi Nigel, thanks for your comments. It is very much like the original, in that it is best described as shower proof; ie. it is not made from a modern waterproof material. That said, we have sold a great number of these, and no one as made any adverse comments on it’s weather resistance.

  4. reviewed by Christoph

    Perfect Parka! Perfect Service! Thank you again Jonathan!

  5. reviewed by kevin

    top parka been after one of these for years belive me you will not find one as good as these anywere and belive me i have looked the closest thing you will find as to what was worn back in the day and a top service from jump the gun aswell forget carnaby street this is the place to shop

    Thanks Kevin.
    jumpthegun (info@1114377245.test.prositehosting.co.uk)
  6. reviewed by Jan H.

    Can’t get any better! Warm, nice, durable. Thank you!

  7. reviewed by Paddy timoney

    Ordered it on A Friday, got it on Saturday morning!! Love it love it, fits just the way it should!! I’m a happy bunny

  8. reviewed by Robbo

    Great replica m-51 fishtail parka. Ordered at the weekend and arrived Tuesday. Look and fit are perfect. It’s just what I was looking for – well done JTG

  9. reviewed by Chad Worsley

    Absolutely brilliant! The quality of the coat is fantastic although its not the original m-51 it looks exactly the same. The colour, sizing and style are all spot on from what i can tell. I havent got a real m-51 to compare it to (unfortunatly) but from all the pictures and videos of the original ive seen, this looks identical, only under close inspection can you see the difference. Even these differences are actually improvements in my eyes. Buy one and see for yourself!

  10. reviewed by chris, lancashire

    Sleeves are cut slim and need to be fuller to achieve the original M51 look,the button in lining could also be improved upon, with an off white fleece type similar to the wool original. with these improvements it would be ace. But having said that it is still a nice parka.

  11. reviewed by Steve

    Ordered on wednesday and delivered on thursday,fantastic service fantastic parka!I will definatley be ordering from JTG again

  12. reviewed by Sam (Leeds)

    This parka is brilliant, been right useful in the windy times we’ve been having recently. Great in all weathers though realy because of the detachable lining, now all I need is enough money for a scooter…

  13. reviewed by Tim Lawrence

    M51 Fishtail Parka

    I bought a ‘new’ M51 recently and am very very pleased with it – looks just like my two original ones i have – great value for money

    Thanks so much for prompt deliver too

    Cheers x

  14. reviewed by Russ Kent

    My parka came today and I love it. I can’t wait to sow my patches on it. Fits beautifully The quaulited inner jacket it is nice and warm, glad it’s raining tomorrow so got an excuse to wear it. My dad who had a orginal 60’s parka thought it was a real one.

  15. reviewed by Cameron

    Ordered this the other day, i must say, im so impressed. for a 14 year old mod this is just the top stuff, its a shame i have to wait for winter so i can wear it! Thanks so much guys, really looks great, can’t recommend it enough!

  16. reviewed by Sean69 (S,Whittington)

    This looks a great parka been lookin for a good version for years since i poor origonal m51 got so old it past away even though attempts to keep alive with cotton nd patching up helped alas in the end i had to let it go lol lol, can’t wait to get my hands on one and at a good price aswell

  17. reviewed by daniel

    This m51 replica is awesome and very confortable and it looks like the original one, same colour, same shape and same details.
    The only downside is the liner, that is not warm enough, but you can always get an m65 original liner and attach it to your m51 parka.
    I am definitely very happy with this product.

  18. reviewed by Graham

    My parka came today and i think its the bollox thanks for a great parka and i brilliant service

  19. reviewed by Angelo

    Yet again Jump the Gun have managed to come up trumps… This parka is by far the best fishtail parka around. After searching for one for such a long tme. I had my reservations- However on inspection this parka is better than the originals. Still keeping the original look, but bringing it up to date with a bit more of a fitted look. The storm cuffs are an excesslent addition, especailly when riding a scooter. Lucklily I managed to get my XXS on ebay, after it sold out at Jump the Gun. I just hope they get some more in for next year, as I would buy another without a doubt.

  20. reviewed by ken of nottingham

    m51 parka. pleased with my m51 parka from jump the gun. it looks the part and fits good.tuck a bit of a chance by ordering mail order as i like to see things first for myself.compaired to an original it comes up quite well.the outer shell is the same colour and the cut is very good.the button in liner is not the same as the originals but is still quite good.also has storm cuffs to both sleeves which you cant see from the outside anyway.all in all a good copy of an original m51. price is a bit steep but think what you have to pay for an original.if your not too picky its a good copy.

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