Monkey boots-Black/Solovair


Exclusive to us is this slightly different Monkey boot. We have had these made by the Original Solovair factory in Northampton. 100% made in UK with the Original Solovair sole. (this is the company that started the whole airware production for Dr Martins). We have smoothed off the edge of the sole to give it less of a Doc look. The quality of these are a complete step up from the Eastern Europe ones available from most people and are of course the only ones with the air pocket sole. A great British boot made in a great British factory……fantastic.




  1. reviewed by Joe Pio

    I bought a pair of these in 2011…
    They were my daily wear for almost 5 years. Unheard of Quality..

    Highly..HIGHLY recommended.

    Hi Joe, thanks so much for reviewing, always nice to hear about long lived products- that was 8 years ago!
    postroom (
    • reviewed by postroom

      Hi Joe, thanks so much for reviewing, always nice to hear about long lived products- that was 8 years ago!

  2. reviewed by amalgam

    Received those a couple of weeks ago, real good loocking. Took the same size as my Doc Martens but shoulda take 1 down.
    But still fantastic shoes and delivered in 2 days. Great job

  3. reviewed by Richard Booth

    Bought a pair of these back in August and was so pleased with them. Quality, an airwear sole and the classic look, at a great price.

    It's a pleasure, thank you. Please enjoy wearing them.
    jumpthegun (
  4. reviewed by DW

    Been wearing Monkey Boots since 1987 and have had nearly every kind since the original. These JTG Solovairs are so much nicer than the last 2 styles that Dr M made, and look sharper than the original Czech versions.

    Fit – Width: Toe box is fairly narrow.
    Fit – Length: Great. I wear a 10 to 10.5 US size, and the 9 UK fit lengthwise really great

  5. reviewed by Mauricio – Brazil

    Very well manufactured, great quality leather and comfortable Solavair sole. They look much better than my chinese Doc Marteens. I love it.
    Careful, because the have a narrower tip than the Doc. It probably stretches over time, though.

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