Prince of Wales Black & White


Lovely poly/viscose PoW trouser cut to the same pattern as our sta-prest; so be warned they are slim!




  1. reviewed by martyn leicester

    realy sharp pair of trousers, very nice POW check.
    excellent trousers made by jump the gun

  2. reviewed by Charlie Bollaan

    Some of the pictures don’t do these trousers justice- they’re fantastic! For ages I’ve been wearing different companies attempts at dogtooth trousers
    , not only were they not good quality they were also rather dull. The PoW check really is subtle but unique, especially when done by JTG.

  3. reviewed by Kelvin Cherry

    I’ve got four pairs of JTG trousers, and always feel sharp wearing them.
    Great strides, and the sizing advice is spot on.

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