Mohair Two Tone Purple Tonic


Here at last A real Two Tone shot Tonic Mohair suit. We have had the cloth made in the UK to the exact colour we wanted. It is the classic Purple and Blue/Green. A predominantly wool mix this feels and looks just like you would want it to. All the usual Jump the Gun details: twin vent covered buttons ticket pocket and tapered trousers to an average 15.5 inch bottom. As usual our jacket is cut quite short and the trousers are narrow. Nothing else to say except we really think it is a good as a Tonic suit gets.




  1. reviewed by oily

    Wow what a fantastic looking suit great fit and the best two tone colours I have ever seen I have 4 tonic suits and this is the best of them looks iridescent in any kind of light I love it and maybe ill even get buried in it thanks jtg

    Thanks Olly- compliments indeed.
    jumpthegun (
  2. reviewed by Cliff

    Not the most expensive suit I ever bought but has become my favourite. I have large shoulders and short arms for my size so a little shorter in the arms would have been better for me. I have a 33 and a quarter inside leg so having the leg made for fitting was a pleasure, got it exactly right. It did come up a little smaller than my usual size so be aware when buying, if you are not sure phone or get fitted at the shop. I now need a new black suit so another long trip to Brighton is in order for the mohair. It also gives me an excuse to browse and perhaps if I can persuade the missus add to my JTG wardrobe…..

    Look forward to seeing you. Thanks for pointing out the sizing, we do make them snug, particularly the trousers!
    jumpthegun (
    • reviewed by jumpthegun

      Look forward to seeing you. Thanks for pointing out the sizing, we do make them snug, particularly the trousers!

  3. reviewed by James

    I bought this for my wedding and could not be happier with it. It fits like a dream (the staff at JtG were really helpful in getting just the right fit in jacket and trousers) and looked stunning even after several hours on the dancefloor. Great value for a fantastic suit.

  4. reviewed by nick smith stamford lincs

    loverly threads top quality as expected from jump the gun , thanks lads

  5. reviewed by paul donnelly

    this suit is top quality,ace.

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