Brass-Buckle Belt - Brown Full Grain Leather

Brass-Buckle Belt - Brown Full Grain Leather

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Instead of a belt that wears out after a year or two, what we want is a belt that actually gets better with age. Our belts are manufactured to our own specification in the UK, and are made out of a single piece of full-grain leather.

No split or coated leather here. They are extremely durable, and nicks and wear in the leather develop a character all of their own over time. The brass buckle belt is just under 1.5" wide, and is best suited for jeans or casual trousers with wider belt loops.

When choosing a size, ideally aim for the midpoint in a measurement range. For example if your waist measures 34", most likely you will need a size M to fasten at the middle notch. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to call or email us for advice. 

S – 29″ to 35″
M – 32″ to 38″
L – 36″ to 42″
XL – 38″ to 44″