100% heavy knit wool Breton jumper. Very warm and fitted with narrow arms. Great colour coded Anchor buttons on shoulder. This really is the Breton jumper we have always been looking for and come winter we are all wearing one. Made in France.




  1. reviewed by t00k

    I’ve been wearing one for the best part of the last 3 years and the sweater still looks very decent; the elbows are a bit shiny, and the colour overall shows some fading by now, but it’s still in remarkably good shape overall, no fraying on cuffs and absolutely no ‘pilling’ as the case with so many other woollen jumpers.

  2. reviewed by Wicksy

    Been thinking of ordering one of these for some time and really pleased with it, what a top jumper. I usually take a medium so got a 38″ and fits perfectly. Great service too, arrived next day. Good work.

  3. reviewed by Daniel

    What a great jumper. very slim fit, very warm, very 60s, dave clark 5 comes to mind when i see the shoulder buttons! this really is a slim fit though, so if your fat, maybe think again…just love it though, would recommend it to anyone! thanks lads!

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