JTG Overcoat Navy


Navy JTG Overcoat. Our usual fitted 100% wool with ticket pocket and Red satin lining. Navy velvet collar.




  1. reviewed by Martin Williams

    I bought my coat several years ago and I wear it even more now. I am not a cool person by any means but anyone would look cool in this coat. You could walk around any town, anytime, anywhere and not meet another person who has a coat which looks even close to how good this one looks!

    Praise indeed, thank you. Making people look sharp - that's what we like to do.
    Jonathan LeRoy (jonathan@jumpthegun.co.uk)
    • reviewed by Jonathan LeRoy

      Praise indeed, thank you. Making people look sharp – that’s what we like to do.

  2. reviewed by Treva

    Navy crombie the dogs bollocks looks the biz cheers everybody at jump the gun

    Thanks. Jonathan.
    jumpthegun (info@jumpthegun.co.uk)
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